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MA in Counseling

The MA in Counseling Program provides a dynamic and exciting approach to a career in the helping professions. In addition to a hands-on approach to learning which stresses personal growth and development of our students, we believe that communication and cooperation between students are essential parts of the learning process, and are strongly encouraged. Professional standards of conduct and sensitivity to multicultural and special needs issues are promoted.

Through this approach, our stu​dents will develop their own approach to counseling based on the integration of their own life experience and the theories and concepts presented. The Counseling Program believes that an effective helper is a combination of a growing self and a person with special skills developed through exposure to counseling theory, techniques and personal experiences with self examination. We are very pleased to have you teaching for us and hope you will share our mission and enjoy working with our students.

"Completing my MA in Counseling through the CMU Global Campus cohort has opened the doors for me to become both licensed as a professional counselor and endorsed as a school counselor. I'm thrilled to be working both as a middle school counselor and as a part time therapist in private practice in the evenings. My degree gave me a point of entry from which I have been able to direct my own post graduate learning to develop my own areas of special interest. Everyday, my new career path is both a source of excitement and fulfillment to me."


Amy Marsh, MA, LLPC 
OJ DeJonge Middle School 
Interim Associates Counseling

Admission Requirements and Core Offerings