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Undergraduate Programs

​​ Al Zainea 
Al Zainea
Program Director

​The central purpose of the undergraduate programs is to prepare students in liberal education which serves as preparation for a thoughtful life and service to an organization and to the community. CMU undergraduate programs educate persons about basic forces, ideas, and values which shape the world, and about the structure of organized human knowledge. As a student, courses will include theories and applications in problem solving, reasoning, writing, speaking, and critical thinking.

The academic environment is continuously monitored and assessed to ensure the high quality of the product provided to the student. A student may choose one of thirteen concentrations offered in a variety of formats and locations. Each degree consists o​f general education requirements, a major, and a concentration. Minor options can be added to some degrees.

All undergraduate degree programs require the student to complete a number of semester hours of general education requirements. General education courses build a strong conceptual foundation in the humanity, natural science, and social science fields. General education begins the journey of lifelong learning. Before you begin to build your course, read your course's description to find out if it is part of the general education block as either a Competency Requirement course or as a University Program course. These courses will have specific requ​ire​ments for student learning that you will need to build in to your course.

"It's a challenge teaching adult students because they have a lot going on in their lives. They have jobs, kids, parents – they're sandwich people. But it's very rewarding too when you see the satisfaction they get from it. I had one woman who came back to school to motivate her granddaughter to go to college. It's gratifying to help multiple generations."


Howard Witt, M.S. 
Teaches undergraduate math and statistics in the Metro Detroit area

Program Director Contact Information:

Albert A. Zainea  
Campus Office: 802 Industrial Drive, Mt. Pleasant MI   
Phone: (989) 774-3616

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