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​​​​​​​Global Campus, in cooperation with CMU IT, provides a Blackboard course shell (Web site) for every course offered. This shell is intended to enhance communication between students and instructors. This document sets the recommended parameters for the use of Blackboard.

Faculty[1] may use Blackboard as a non-required supplement to their course. Faculty may not deliver all or part of their course online in lieu of meeting scheduled class time. Blackboard may be used to deliver a portion or portions of a course, creating a “hybrid” learning environment only with prior planning and approval from the appropriate CMU/Global Campus administrative bodies.

Considerations in Policy Development

  1. Students have chosen a face-to-face format and may not necessarily have the desire to, knowledge of, or access to the Internet to review or complete required assignments online.
  2. Intended use of Blackboard must be indicated on the course syllabus as it is constructed in the Syllabus Build Tool.
  3. Using Blackboard to replace face-to-fa​ce meeting time requires review and approval of the full curriculum review process, including the Academic Senate.

Appropriate Uses

  • Instructors may post some or all of their course materials to Blackboard. All material posted to Blackboard must still comply with copyright laws.
  • Instructors requiring course reserves are required to post electronic versions of the course reserve items in the Blackboard course as provided by the CMU Copyright Office.
  • Instructors may provide a link from the Blackboard course shell to the SBT syllabus developed for the course.
  • Instructors may use the testing, discussion board or other student features of Blackboard exclusively if conducted in a computer lab during regularly scheduled course times.
  • Instructors should indicate intent to utilize Blackboard when developing the course syllabus in SBT.
  • Instructors are strongly encouraged to use the email and grade book features of Blackboard

Contact Information

  • Academic Issues: Your Academic Program Director
  • Technical Issues: CMU helpdesk at 800-950-1144 x3662 or direct dial 989-774-3662.
  • Administrator Support Issues: Jeremy Bond or Sue Parker at 800-950-1144 x. 2094 or 2610.

[1] This policy does not apply to instructors teaching web-based distance learning courses. Online instructors are required to use the Blackboard course management system to deliver courses.