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Explore What a Non-Degree Program Can Offer

Becoming a Guest Student

‚ÄčNo two academic journeys are alike, especially at a university where earning a degree has become increasingly customizable. Your path to your goals can be as unique as your fingerprint.

At Central Michigan University, we welcome students from all walks of life, including those who want to take a few courses without completing a degree program with us.

Whether you're a guest student looking to transfer credits to a home institution or you're a non-degree-seeking student interested in taking a class for personal or professional enrichment, we offer valuable learning opportunities through our wide selection of online courses.

Students cite a range of reasons for opting to study just a few courses with us. You might benefit from applying to CMU as a guest student if:

  • Your home institution doesn't offer the classes you want or need.
  • You're interested in saving time and money by completing prerequisites or electives online.
  • You want to reduce your credit-hour load at your home university by taking classes during a semester break. This gives you time for family, employment or other activities and shortens the time it takes you to complete your degree.

Like a guest student, a non-degree seeking student is not currently enrolled at CMU; however, they're not interested in having course credits transferred to another college or university. You might consider enrolling as a non-degree-seeking student if:

  • You're interested in a class for personal enrichment or to improve your job-related skills.
  • You want to take a class with friends or colleagues.
  • You're not sure what the future holds, and you want to test the waters before you commit to a degree program.

3 Important Things to Remember

When considering if a non-degree program is the best route for you, keep a few things in mind.

  1. Talk with your advisor to make sure your credits will transfer.

    If you're a guest student who is enrolled at another college or university, you might want to pick up an online course at CMU that isn't offered at your home institution. Speaking with an advisor at your home institution is the best way to determine if the credits you earn will transfer.

  2. Financial aid is not offered to guest students and non-degree-seeking students.

    To be eligible to receive federal student aid, students must be enrolled in a degree program. Guest students and non-degree-seeking students are encouraged to check out our interest-free payment plan.

  3. It's easy to enroll.

    You're busy navigating professional responsibilities, caring for your family and laying the foundation for the future you want. Your education can and should fit your lifestyle. We make sure online enrollment is easy and stress-free. To jump-start your enrollment process, follow CMU's simple steps to enrolling.

    Whether your goals are aimed at launching your professional career, building expertise in your field or securing a promotion in the workplace, CMU is here to support you along the way. As a guest or non-degree-seeking student, you'll experience a diverse range of courses to choose from, a dynamic learning environment and instructors invested in your success.

    Apply online today, and let us know if we can answer any questions by contacting CMU's New Student Services at 877.268.4636.