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Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's: Bonnie Hayward

As I approach the completion of my degree, I can reflect upon my studies and highly recommend the accelerated program to any student who may be interested in earning their degree at a faster pace.  CMU's faculty have designed their programs well and course syllabi are set up in a manner so any student can understand what material needs to be studied. The associated pacing, educational tools available to assist students, and additional student support helps students stay on task and be successful.

The accelerated program had many benefits for me. First, I needed a program which could be completed 100% online as my job did not have the flexibility needed to attend a traditional classroom setting.  I also wanted a program which was relevant to my current career – the Bachelor of Science degree with a Major in Integrated Leadership Studies and Master of Science in Administration degree with a concentration in Human Resources Administration fit perfectly with my position as an Operation Manager. I wanted a program I could complete on a faster track and also needed to take into consideration what credits would successfully transfer from my associate's degree. CMU met all of these needs with a very relevant and meaningful degree.

I honestly had no intention of completing my graduate studies when I first enrolled. My advisor, Izzy Castellon, carefully outlined the many benefits of the accelerated bachelors-to-MSA degree program and how the MSA degree tied into my undergraduate studies - I'm so happy he did! The quick pace and the dual application of 12 credits, which apply to both degrees, is a significant plus and the advanced degree will afford me many other career options should I ever need to explore them.

I have a very solid and long-term career with my current employer and have not completed my studies in preparation to move to any other company or position. However, I also know that the economy can change people's lives very quickly as well as impact decisions employers make. I feel having a degree in addition to my experience will provide me with employment stability during my working career. I am also a firm believer in advanced and continuous education. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge through my studies at CMU which I use in my career every day.

I liked the format of both programs in that the undergraduate degree provided me with a foundation of knowledge and the MSA allowed me to apply that knowledge. I think both are challenging but in different ways – they are built well on each other. I do not think any student should fear completing the MSA degree after earning their bachelor's degree.

The schedule of the courses was perfect and I would not have changed a thing. The pace is swift but manageable and goes quick enough that, with proper academic advisor support, you will not feel like it is taking too long or going too slow.  Many students who would like to complete their degree may not have much time so the speed of the program is a great option.

All of the faculty, Global Campus staff, and staff on CMU's main campus have been so helpful, friendly, and responsive and I attribute them as a component of my success. My greatest thanks go out to Izzy – he has become a personal friend throughout this journey and has provided a support system which has encouraged me during some of the most challenging times. I cannot thank him enough for his professional support, creative ideas, and direction to help me reach my goals.

I would recommend this option to any student who is ready to complete their degree and has the dedication to stay on task and see it through.  It is pretty amazing to me that it has gone so quickly and that I am nearing graduation. The resources from the CMU staff, as well as the online tools and support, help to provide direction and assistance which will support any student's success. The availability of the online option for the accelerated program is great for anyone working full time, who lives away from campus, or someone who has external commitments which may prohibit him or her from successfully completing their degree face-to-face.  This was is the only option that would have worked with my commitments and I thank CMU for having this program option for students so they have the opportunity to complete their studies when a traditional setting may not be viable.

This is a great program and I am proud to be a CMU Alum – Fire Up Chips!!!! 

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