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Alumni Spotlight: Jim Stowe '98

​​​​​​​​​MSA alumnus James Stowe.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​Name: Jim Stowe
Graduation Year: 1998
Program: Master of Science in Administration degree with a concentration in International Administration
Location(s): Metro Detroit locations

Why did you choose Central Michigan University’s Global Campus and your specific program of study?

The access to locations near my home was a huge positive, the work-friendly schedule fit around my work and family life. I wanted an advanced degree to benefit my career and broaden my knowledge. I found the area of International Business fascinating. When I looked at the classes offered in the CMU program, I found them all to be exactly what I wanted.  Each class was interesting and the learning through interaction in group projects, as well as student participation in class, also brought a lot of value.

Please describe your overall experience at CMU’s Global Campus.

My experiences could not have been more positive. The instructors were knowledgeable, approachable and generally able to present information in a manner that was easy to understand.  Some of the classes were rigorous, but manageable.  I had an instructor for Quantitative Analysis that, much to my surprise, made that course one of my favorites. I still have the book and have shown it to my high school aged kids. That specific class has made me think differently in business and my personal life on how when you apply some quantitative analysis to a situation the answer you get may not be what you expected.

What CMU resources did you find helpful?

My advisor made herself available to me when I needed her and she was helpful in providing me with planning and guidance along the way. I also had an instructor who made a video of some of the more complex areas he was lecturing. That was very helpful to repeat those specific lectures.

How do you expect your CMU degree to help you achieve your career goals?

It has given me the knowledge and vision to see the bigger picture in day-to-day business interactions. The MSA degree has also left me with a better understanding of the global business world and how it affects us locally and how we locally impact the world.

What advice would you give to other working professionals interested in completing a degree or certificate program with CMU’s Global Campus?

Stop over thinking and just do it. It really goes by quickly and the connections and insight you will get from your peers in class with be of great value. There are more online options now, so the convenience factor is even greater.

What were some perceptions about going back to school that you were wrong about?​

That it would take up all of my time, that I would be struggling to keep up and that I would be feel overwhelmed.  It was much more manageable than I expected, and while it was at times rigorous, it was never overwhelming. Fire up Chips!

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