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The Value of Learner-Centric Training

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Training is an essential part of human resources. While there are basics to cover with every employee, how they’re covered is where innovation and creativity are sparking new ideas and methods. One of these new approaches is in teaching the content employees need to learn. It uses a learner-centric approach rather than a content-centric one.

Learner-centric training focuses on the individual rather than the material they need to cover. At its most basic level, this type of training requires HR professionals to ask themselves what outcome they want as a result of the training and then tailor the learning experience around the learner.

Once you’ve determined the outcomes you want, you can start to assess your training program as a whole. Are training spaces optimized to help learners? Is the material presented in a manner that is engaging and interesting?

Many employees, new and current, are looking for a personalized experience at their job. By focusing on learners, employers are able to offer a unique experience that encourages engagement and can produce better outcomes.

Another important aspect of learner-centric training is giving individuals social activities and outlets to share their experiences. This encourages group interaction, employee engagement on multiple levels and gives individuals an opportunity to demonstrate what they’ve learned.

As training continues to change and adapt to new demands by the workforce, personalized and learner-centric training will become more and more popular. Gone are the days when individuals were presented with large quantities of content and expected to learn it using a “one-size-fits-all” method.

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