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Need Online Class Help? Discover CMU's Online Allies

Central Michigan University Online class help

Online classes host an abundance of benefits, like earning a degree amid a busy professional and personal life, studying from the convenience of anywhere, completing a degree program at an accelerated pace, and connecting to students all over the world. 

However, we understand that the nature of some online classes can make it challenging to receive the support you need.

At Central Michigan University Online, we work hard to ensure that this is never the case. By connecting with an Online Ally, every CMU Global student can receive online class help.

What is an Online Ally?

As a CMU Online student, did you know you have qualified peers ready to help you achieve success? 

Well-versed in Central Michigan University's online structure, Online Allies are experienced students who have demonstrated success in CMU courses.

Trained to provide advice, personal assistance, and various levels of online class help, Online Allies support students who are experiencing challenges in their CMU online classes.

Get the Most Out of Your Online Ally

Do you need assistance with one or more of your online classes?Are you looking to improve online study habits and find increased confidence with your studies?

Online Allies take pride in offering every CMU Online student a wide range of free services that can enhance the educational experience.

Students who work with an Online Ally benefit from:

  • Improved time management skills
  • Increased test performance
  • Enhanced study tactics
  • Additional resource research help
  • Course assignment planning assistance
  • Coursework management
  • Increased motivation to succeed

Keep an eye on your inbox, as Online Allies send email reminders that are jam-packed with helpful tips and information for commonly asked questions, such as contacting instructors, finding course syllabi, ordering textbooks, and much more.

It's important to note that Online Allies are separate from course professors. If you have questions or concerns about specific course content, grades, and tutoring, be sure to contact your instructor directly.

Get in Touch with an Online Ally

Pursuing an online degree should not be a solo pursuit. We encourage every student to work with an Online Ally to uncover an extensive layer of academic support.

To get in touch with an Online Ally, email

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