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Online Learning Skills That Make You More Marketable

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Online Learning Skills That Make You More Marketable

​​​​​​Skills and traits unique to the online learning environment can help students move from degree earner to ​securing a new job or receiving that desired promotion. The skills and traits nee​ded to be successful online learners are also the one​s employers are looking for in employees.​​

Time Management


Online students learn to m​​ake effective use of their time. They​ do this by creating a schedule and prioritizing tasks to​​​ meet important deadlines. These organizational skills are highly sought after by employers.



Emphasize the effective listening and team building skills you learn in your online classes.​ The asynchronous nature of online classes requires remote collaboration in the same way today's managers lead their teams with increasingly global operations.



Clear and concise writing skills are imperative to successful online learning. Students learn netiquette best practices as digital communication tools are the primary mechanisms used to interact with instructors and fellow classmates. Strong communications skills are a must and look great on a resume.

Learner Traits


Online learning requires persistence, initiative, motivation, and self-discipline. These are all traits sought by employers looking to add engaged and goal-oriented members to their team.



The internet is your classroom. Online students are often early adopters of new technologies assisting them in completing tasks and to stay organized. Harness your ability to problem-solve technological issues, install and update new software, leverage cloud computing, and harness the power of the internet as a research tool.

Critical Thinking


​Online learning asks students to draw inferences, identify alternatives, and evaluate outcomes in the decision making process. Students seek justification and ensure the credibility of sources as they defend their ideas. There is a purpose behind those discussion b​oard posts after all!

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