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Review, Refine, Refocus: 9 Questions To Help You Get The Grades You Want

​​​​​ Header for Review, Refine, Refocus: 9 Questions to Help You Get the Grades You Want​​​​​​​​​​​Happy or disappointed by a grade received on an assignment or test?  Want to better understand what you did right so you can repeat your success?  Want to discover where you can improve so you can be more successful next time​?  Complete the Success Inventory Review to find out more about your learning strategies!

  1. How many days prior to the due date did you begin working on the assignment or start preparing for the test?
  2. How many drafts/attempts did you complete prior to your final submission? Were more needed?
  3. Did you take advantage of all resources available to prepare for the test such as completing practice quizzes, using a study guide to prepare, or reviewing prior assignments? Did you research and use resources outside of the course by finding video lectures through such repositories as YouTube, Ted Talks, or the Khan Academy?
  4. Did you solicit any feedback prior to submitting your assignment? Feedback can be from a classmate, the CMU Writing Center, your instructor, a trusted colleague, or a friend who understands the parameters of the assignments and its requirements.
  5. Do you feel the effort you invested aligns with the feedback and grade you received? Be open to constructive feedback and complete an unbiased review of your performance with your course instructor.
  6. What challenges did you face in completing this assignment? Were you successful in overcoming them, or did they play a role in your success? If these challenges did negatively impact you, what can you do in the future to eliminate them?
  7. On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your effort in completing this assignment or preparing for this exam?
  8. If you had to do this assignment over again, what would you do differently?
  9. What did you learn from this review that you can apply to completing other assignments?

Many Factors Influence your Success

checkmarkThis Success Inventory is designed to help you discover your strengths and weaknesses so you can mak​e adjustments to your study and preparation habits.

For example, your familiarity with the subject matter will influence how much time you need to prepare. Your personal strengths, such as being a strong writer, excelling at research, or having well-organized notes and materials, will also play a role in the amount of time you need to devote to the successful completion of an assignment.

The more you understand what your strengths are, as well as your weaknesses, the better you can adjust the time you need to put into a project to be more successful in the future.

​​​​​​Keep this information handyClick here to download a printable PDF​​.​​​​

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