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The Skills Employers Are Looking For

The Skills Employers Are Looking For

Experience and education play a huge role in landing any job. Those can be measured. Other traits, such as interpersonal skills, are harder to identify. Ideal candidates bring the best of both worlds.

Communication skills

Job recruiters look for employees who can communicate clearly their ideas, goals, objectives and strategies. They want good listeners who are willing to engage with stakeholders, and who understand needs and demands.

Being a good communicator also means having good people skills like being likable and not self-serving.

Strategic thinking

You can move to the top of any employer's list if you can grasp the company's big picture and solve problems. Bloomberg lists strategic thinking as one of the least-common but most-desired traits in potential employees. Understanding the company's identity and being able to strategize new plans in achieving its goals can go a long way in setting you apart.


An ideal candidate must be able to respond to adversity. In today's workplace, demands change rapidly, and a good employee can adapt to them. If you can successfully navigate changes and setbacks –  you are dependable, no matter the circumstances.

Lifelong learner

Education doesn't stop once you've finished schooling and entered the workforce. Employers want to see candidates willing to improve, take on new roles and go above and beyond. Staying on top of industry trends and developing new skills to succeed can move you to the front of the line.

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