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Laura Corrunker

Laura Corrunker

​​Academic Advisor​​​

With fourteen years of experience in higher education I have had the opportunity to work with students in various capacities. As an advisor and instructor in Interdisciplinary Studies at Wayne State University, which was a program for adult students, I had the opportunity to work closely with students from diverse backgrounds and various levels of preparedness for college. I greatly enjoyed helping students succeed academically, as they negotiated work, personal lives, families, and school, and I look forward to continuing to do so at Central Michigan University (CMU).

While my educational history might seem unconventional to some (B.S. in Criminology/Criminal Justice from Eastern Michigan University, Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies from Wayne State University, ABD in Anthropology from Wayne State University) it has provided me with an extensive academic background which is useful for providing advice and guidance to students in order to help them achieve their academic goals. One of my long-term aspirations is to apply the experience I've gained through years of teaching Anthropology, among other courses, to achieve higher retention and graduate rates at CMU’s Global Campus.

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