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MSA Competencies

​ The Master of Science in Administration program requires degree-seeking students meet competency requirements in areas of Financial Accounting (ACC 201 or ACC 203) and Statistics (STA 282).

You have the following options to meet these competency requirements:

  1. Previous Course Work: Successful completion of course (grade "C" or better) or its equivalent within three years prior to admission to MSA program. Please notify your Advisor after your transcripts have arrived to ensure your student record is coded.
  2. Undergraduate Course: You can take course or its equivalent at CMU (available online and occasionally at local centers) or another accredited institution. You must earn "C" or better to meet requirements. Submit an official transcript if the course is not taken at CMU. Please notify your Advisor after your transcripts have arrived to ensure your student record is coded.

NOTE: You may prefer to take these undergraduate level courses at your local community college. If so, verify course meets CMU’s requirements in one of two ways:

  1. Competency Assessment (CA) Examinations: You may take a free CA examination for Accounting and/or Statistics. Examinations may be taken twice and must be passed with at least 70 percent accuracy. CA examinations are available online in Blackboard. While exams are completed in a non-proctored setting, they are completed through the Lockdown Browser tool within Blackboard.
Important Note: For those conditionally admitted to MSA program, one of the conditions of admission may be completion of an undergraduate course in accounting and/or statistics. For students with this condition, you may not take the Competency Assessment Exam. Please contact your academic advisor with any questions.

Sample exams:

CA Accounting Sample Exam
CA Statistics Sample Exam ​​

Most students who are only pursuing an MSA Graduate Certificate do not need to meet competency requirements. However, students pursuing an Engineering Management, Information Resource Management, or Research Administration Graduate Certificates are required to meet competency requirements in order to meet course prerequisites.

CA Exam Preparation

A self-paced review workshop within Blackboard allows you to independently review Accounting and/or Statistics subject matter in preparation for the CA Exam(s). Workshop content is intended for students who previously had a course in Accounting and/or Statistics course, but coursework was completed three or more years prior to their admission into MSA pr​ogram.

Review materials serve as a refresher and provide working knowledge on subject matter utilized in your future MSA coursework.

Accounting and Statistics Review Workshops are non-credit preparatory​ courses offered free of charge to students. Workshops are not equivalent to an undergraduate course, and completion of Accounting and/or Statistics CA Exam(s) are still required.

You can access these workshops via Blackboard, which requires an active Global Id/password. If you have not applied, not received an admissions decision, or are having issues logging in, please call New Student Services Call Center at 877-268-4636.

Access Accounting Review Workshop  Access Statistics Review Workshop Access Competency Assessment Exams