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Pre-approval Transfer Credit

​ Occasionally it is necessary for graduate students to complete course work at another university or institution. In this event pre-approval is required to ensure that the course work will transfer and count toward a CMU degree. Pre-approval transfer credit is available for students who have NOT yet completed course work at another institution.

The pre-approval transfer credit process has two steps: obtaining the pre-approval, and transferring the completed course work.

  1. Obtain the pre-approval:
  • Name of accredited university or institution
  • Copies of course descriptions
  • Copies of Course Syllabi or course outlines
  • Complete the Pre-Approval Transfer Credit Request Form
  • Forward the above documents together via mail or fax to your graduate advisor for evaluation.
  • Keep in mind that once this coursewor​k is completed an official transcript must be sent to your advisor for the actual transfer of credit to take place.
  1. Transfer the completed course work:​