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Program Plan

​​A program plan is a guide to achieve your academic goals. It describes the degree requirements and specifies courses selected to meet them. It is your responsibility to schedule an appointment with the academic advisor to develop your program plan. This should be done as early in your course of study as possible – if at all possible, before you begin your second course. If you decide to take course work before developing a degree program plan, that work may not be applicable to the course of study you wish to pursue.

The academic advisor has authority over the student’s program plan. This authority is limited by the curricula and the university’s policies and practices. While the program plan is intended to be flexible, you should not deviate from the program plan without the permission of your academic advisor. Otherwise, you run the risk of taking courses that may not be applicable to the course​ of study you have chosen. No student will be approved for graduation until an approved​ program plan is on file at CMU’s Mount Pleasant office.

Undergraduate Sam​ple Program Plan (pdf)