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Locations, Formats and Services

Locations, Formats and Services


CMU quality and online convenience is the perfect package for working students. Classwork is done as it fits into work, home and community obligations, and commute time is eliminated. Connecting with students from across the country and around the world expands your employees’ worldview and cultural awareness.

Satellite locations

From the Atlantic coast to Hawaii, CMU’s satellite locations offer a classroom experience to students who are unable to attend our main campus. CMU faculty come to our locally staffed locations teaching evening and/or weekend classes. Click here to find a location near you.

No matter where your employees take their courses, CMU’s student services are available to everyone:

These helpful professionals are ready to answer your employees’ initial questions, guide them through application and into their first enrollment.
For many employees, this may be their first experience with online classes. Our online program administrators help with everything from enrollment questions, how to stay organized, access and use of technology, and communicating effectively with online instructors.
CMU’s financial aid department helps make sense of the forms and processes. They are there to help with everything from where to begin to specific questions students encounter as they take their courses.
Prior learning, planned experiences and certification-to-credit are all opportunities to save time and money by giving you credit in certain degrees. Prior learning looks at past training and experiences and determines if they align with learning outcomes of a specific program. Planned experiences encourage students to participate in work or community experiences that pertain to their program. Certification-to-credit options exist for some professional certifications students may already have.
Writing and math can be daunting when starting a degree or returning to finish after several years. Experts are ready to respond with guidance, usually within 24 hours. They help students gain new critical and analytical skills that will help with the project at hand and in the future.
CMU students at our satellite centers or taking courses online have access to all of the library resources available on our main campus. Librarians are available to answer questions and any materials not available online can be sent electronically or mailed by the library’s Documents on Demand office.
Through our partnership with MBS Direct, CMU students can order their books online, by phone or fax and have them delivered directly to their home or office.
The VRC is staffed by Veterans for Veterans, active military, spouses and dependents. Staff are dedicated to helping students understand their educational benefits, build academic and social networks and make a smooth transition from military to classroom.