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Partnering with CMU

Partnering with CMU


Being a strategic partner with CMU has many advantages. We work with you to ensure your employees receive customized materials to help them discover programs that meet their needs and the needs of your organization.

CMU adds programs to meet the needs of the marketplace. These emails will update your employees on new opportunities and upcoming events.
CMU will supply introductory information about your partnership with CMU and the many education benefits available to new employees.
These face-to-face events with your employees allow them to get immediate answers to their questions about CMU programs and formats.
If you wish to promote a specific program to your employees, CMU can supply the materials you need.
These lectures can be general information about your partnership with CMU or on a specific topic that you would like to have addressed by CMU’s expert faculty. If you have a group of employees interested in a specific CMU program, this could be an introductory course lecture.
Your CMU business development representative is your direct contact for all partnership opportunities. Your representative will be committed to your relationship with CMU and focused on your organization’s needs and goals.