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Center for Instructional Design

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our mission is to provide faculty with the highest level of instruction​al design and instructional technology support. CID staff are committed to assisting faculty in the design and development of instructional material for online and hybrid courses, including best practices and multimedia projects. To this end we provide individual consultations, small group workshops, and online training.

We take great pride in advocating online teaching and learning to the campus community. We provide on- and off-campus faculty with instructional design and technical support. ​

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About Us

CID is a support center for faculty that provides instructional design, and educational technology support.

What Do We Do?

CID staff members research the latest pedagogical and technological information relating to online and hybrid classes in order to provide you with sound instructional technology support. We are a staff of instructional designers and training experts who provide assistance with the development of online and hybrid courses and course elements. We also offer training on the latest instructional technologies and online teaching and course development workshops. Contact us to schedule individual or small group training.

Where Are We Located?​

The Center for Instructional Design is located in Park Library, Suites 413L, P - R.

Who are we?

We are a staff of dedicated, caring individuals whose aim is to assist faculty in the creation of online and hybrid courses and elements for use in online and hybrid courses.


CID is located on the 4th floor of Park Library, in suites 413L, P - R. CID provides faculty members with ​instructional design and technical support.

Instructional Design

  • Planning and design
  • Course design and development
  • Design and development of course components
  • Accessibility for online courses
  • Selecting appropriate methods and technology ​


  • Blackboard
  • Teaching online
  • Developing an online course
  • Using audio and video software
  • Other topics related to online instruction

Contact us to schedule an individual or group training session, and let us know what other types of training you would like to see us offer ​


Self-Paced Blackboard Fundamentals Workshop

We highly recommend you take the Self-Pace​d Blackboard Fundamentals Workshop to learn the Bb technical skills needed for the Teaching Online Workshop and Online Course Development Workshop.

This four-module workshop offers you an opportunity to gain foundational knowledge of the Blackboard learning management system and the best practices associated with its use. Blackboard is a very robust learning tool that provides many opportunities to supplement courses and facilitate full-scale online course delivery. This workshop will ensure that you have the skills necessary to be successful in using the Blackboard system. The workshop is divided into four modules, each with an end-of-module assessment. Keep in mind that this is a self-paced workshop and may therefore be completed in less time by some participants and require more time of others.

Enroll in the Self-Paced Workshop​