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​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​For more information on CMU Online’s proctoring process, view this brief video presentation.

Starting Monday, June 29, 2020 the CMU Certified Testing Center will re-open for testing. Our online scheduler is currently unavailable. If you need to schedule an appointment or have questions, please call 989-774-1092 or email

Face masks will be required for all testers.

What is an online proctored exam?

Exams, Proctoring
Lead Proctor
Kathy Lesica-Gardner
(989) 774-4461

This is an exam taken online through Blackboard under the administration of a proctor.  Your proctor will need to provide a computer with reliable Internet access available for you to take your online exams.  (Wireless Internet is not recommended due to instability concerns.)  You will not be permitted to utilize your own personal computer. Once you have accessed your exam in Blackboard, the proctor will enter a password that will open the exam for you.

What is a proctor?

A proctor is an approved person that administers an exam to a CMU student and agrees to fulfill the proctor responsibilities required by CMU. The proctor will verify a student’s identity by checking a photo ID and will ensure academic integrity guidelines during exams are followed (e.g., no notes, textbooks, outside assistance, etc.).

Do I need a proctor?

Online Courses require a proctor for one or more exams during the course. Check your course syllabus or Blackboard to determine whether or not your course requires a proctor or click here. It is the student’s responsibility to locate and designate an acceptable proctor with CMU Online.

Who can be a proctor?

Acceptable proctors include:

  • CMU Campus Centers
  • CMU Online Staff
  • Local librarians
  • Military/industry education or testing centers
  • School/college counselors, administrators, and teachers

Friends, relatives, direct supervisors, co-workers, or anyone the student has a personal relationship with are not qualified proctors and will be denied.  Any individual who cannot provide a suitable testing environment will also be denied as a proctor.  Contact information – phone and email address - must be affiliated with the proctor's organization.

CMU reserves the right to deny any proctor or assign proctors to students as necessary. If you have questions about a prospective proctor, contact our office at (989) 774-4461 or e-mail for clarification.

How do I designate a proctor for approval?

To designate your proctor, you will need to complete the Proctor Designation Form. Click on the maroon circle, Identifying and Designating a Proctor, and follow the steps to designate a proctor.  If you wish to designate a New Proctor for Approval, click on the box and submit the proctor's information.  The approval process is performed during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, and approval/denial is generally completed within one to two business days.  You will receive emails once your designation is received and once it is approved/denied.

When is the exam information sent to my proctor?

Once your proctor has been approved, your exam information is sent to the proctor. Exam instructions are sent to proctors the first week of the term, or upon approval of a proctor designation after the first week of the term.  Your proctor designation carries over for each term.  It is best to contact your proctor to be sure they are still available for exam proctoring.  You should also double-check that your proctor has received your exam information prior to your scheduled appointment.

How do I schedule a proctored exam?

If you will be using CMU Online as your proctor, you can schedule your exam at the Park Library in Mt. Pleasant by following these steps:

  • See (below) Use CMU Online as a Proctor.
  • Click on Schedule Your Appointment Now.
  • Complete the online appointment scheduler –name, contact information, date, time, and course.  You will receive an email confirmation for your appointment.  Be sure to have a photo ID with you for check-in.

To schedule an exam appointment at a CMU Center or with another proctor, please contact that Center/person directly.

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