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Jason Sheffer

​​ Jason ShefferJason Sheffer joined MidMichigan Health in December 2007. Currently Jason is the System Business Educator for the MidMichigan Health System. Jason works with approximately 320 Managers/Supervisors to help them with commonly asked questions on business topics such as, utilizing technology, professional development, business topics and technical education for MidMichigan Health. Jason's technical background has improved the way Computer Based Learning is delivered at MidMichigan Health. Jason also does system wide Leadership retreats, leading and facilitating Quality Improvement teams and System-wide new employee Orientation. as a temporary employee and handled the administration of Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability benefits for the MidMichigan Health System. He was quickly identified as a future leader. He was able to assist in a total redesign of the way benefits were delivered and was able to bring benefits in house. This redesign was able to ​save MidMichigan Health money and also was able to give employees in the Health System someone on staff to answer questions.

Jason brings his recent college experience to help others work through modern healthcare problems. Jason also is highly involved in employee relations. Serving on many committees and also very involved in both clinical and non-clinical education. Customer Service, Education Executive Steering Committee, NetLearning Steering Committee, Manager Accountability Program team, System Orientation, Affiliate Specific Orientation and the New Employee Social Network are all teams he is on. He is part of several professional groups such as American College of Health Care Executives and Midland Chamber of Commerce – Young Professionals Network (MYPROS). He is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Administration.


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