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Student Testimonials


Rupert EvansThe Doctorate in Health Administration program has allowed me to bring together over twenty five years of education and experience in healthcare management. As a career practitioner in this field, this applied degr​ee will allow me to continue to improve health systems in our country and combine the application of theory and practice in healthcare management innovation.

Rupert M. Evans, Sr., DHA (2006), FACHE
Associate Professor & Consultant, Illinois

Shushawana DeOliveiraPursuing a doctorate of Health Administration at Central Michigan University was one of the best decisions I have made. The DHA program offers a superb culture for the working professional who has an interest in engaging with the real world of leadership rather than the standard comforts of a traditional academic setting. The journey was a transformational experience which has significantly changed my thinking about not only how I engage with others within an institution, but how I can add value to said organization. It really has changed my thinking quite profoundly. The most influential part of my journey resonates in how I lead and communicate with others still to this day.

Shushawna S. DeOliveira, DHA (2005)
Director of Student Admissions
College of Medicine - New York​

Cheryl DavisThe Doctor of Health Administration Program at Central Michigan University was an excellent way to ob​tain a quality advanced degree while maintaining my work and family schedule. The faculty was supportive and available at times convenient for me. The faculty and guest lecturers at the seminars brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program.

Cheryl G. Davis, DHA (2005)
Healthcare Management Degree Programs, Alabama

James StephensI would strongly recommend Central Michigan University's Doctor of Health Administration program to any healthcare professional who has desires to make a difference in the future of this ever changing profession. As a past President and CEO of large healthcare systems and now teaching at the graduate and doctoral level, CMU's DHA program has been an excellent doctoral program for my second career ambitions and academic development. I have been very impressed with the quality of the program's faculty, integration of courses and rigor of the curriculum of CMU's DHA program. I am quite pleased with the decision to attend this DHA program.

James H. Stephens, DHA (2006), FACHE
Past Health Systems President and CEO and Associate Professor, Georgia

Frances FinleyThe DHA program offered the opportunity to achieve a personal goal of earning a doctorate degree, along with the ability to maintain a full time career. The faculty is exception​al and committed to helping the student succeed, the CMU Global Campus library services are outstanding, and support from CMU has made the program exceed all expectations. These last two years have been life-changing in a way I ​never expected, and I would recommend the CMU Doctoral Program in Health Administration to any executive considering completion of their terminal degree.

Frances R. Finley, DHA (2005), FACHE
Physician Services Executive, Michigan

Patrick J. MurthaI would highly recommend this program for leaders who want to augment their professional skills and drive their level of excellence in health care management to a new level. It is clear to me that the DHA degree will set me apart from my peer group as a contemporary leader in the health care community and position me for greater personal and professional achievements in the future.

Patrick J. Murtha, DHA (2007)
Hospital President and CEO, Michigan

Amy DoreThe Doctor of Health Administration (DHA) program at Central Michigan University is a superior doctoral program providing students with diverse educational opportunities? in a setting conducive to the working individual.

The program is an applied program affording students the opportunity to apply their current work experiences while simultaneously broadening their knowledge base. The program structure allowed me to rigorously explore my research interests while building a foundation of educational excellence through collegial relationships among the faculty and students.

As a DHA student, I was continually impressed by the dedication of the DHA faculty and staff. While considered a distance-learning program, the faculty was always available and invested in my educational success. The program is structured to provide high-value educational experiences that go above and beyond the typical classroom. Whether working online or attending a seminar, the DHA faculty created an environment where faculty and students were peers – learning from each other, sharing knowledge, and forming enduring lifelong experiences.

Amy Dore, DHA (2009)
Assistant Professor

Yolanda DraineI wanted to obtain the highest credential to accelerate my career in academia. Without CMU's Doctor of Health Administration (DHA) Program which cate?rs to working adults in a flexible way, I could not have obtained my DHA. The online format was challenging, vastly interactive, and emphasized both theory and practical application. The Professors were excellent facilitators online as well as conducting the intensive face-to-face seminars. I would highly recommend the DHA Program to any healthcare professional who wants to accelerate their career to a premier level. ​Thank you CMU for an educational experience that exceeded all of my expectations and the opportunity to meet some of the most talented minds across the US, both faculty and students.

Dr. Yolanda S. Draine, MSA, DHA (2010)
Senior Vice President and Adjunct Professor
Memphis, Tennessee

Christian WallisThe CMU DHA program is an intellectually challenging program where working professionals have an opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other. The doctoral academic roadmap, which culminates with the dissertation process, has allowed me to attain better critical and systems thinking skills; ultimately making me a better health care leader. The networking opportunities among student executives and experienced academic staff have opened the doors of opportunity for advancement within the health care industry as well as provided a separate career path as an adjunct professor at some of the country’s major academic institutions. As a prior military member, CMU was also very accommodating through multiple duty station re-assignments and deployments. I firmly believe that the decision to enter the DHA program has made me a better healthcare professional and expanded my prospects for future employment.

Christian Wallis, DHA, FACHE, USN (Ret.) Director, Pediatric Medical Subspecialties Illinois​

Ray AlvarezI consider CMU's DHA program the best doctoral program in healthcare administation that you will find. It is not a degree that you merely pay for and receive a title to place after your name. The degree has meaning and prestige, representing scholarship, applied research and practical applications of classroom learning to the ever-increasing challenges faced by health care leaders. The collaboration, real time campus experiences and cohort groups provide an opportunity for networking, interaction and hands-on practicums, not only with highly talented faculty but with others working toward completion of the degree. I've been in healthcare for over 40 years and a highlight of my career was receiving the DHA.

M. Raymond Alvarez, DHA, MPA, FACHE (2009)
Health Care Consultant

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