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Book Voucher FAQ

If I accept the offer am I required to purchase my books from MBS Direct?​

No. You can only use the book voucher at MBS, but accepting the offer doesn’t mean that you must use the voucher. You can purchase books from any provider you like using other funding sources.

What happens if my books cost more than the voucher amount?

You will be responsible for paying any cost above the voucher amount. That additional amount must be paid at the time of purchase. If your book costs exceed the voucher amount, and you have courses in a future term (i.e. spring II), consider purchasing the current term books using the voucher and purchasing the future term books using your financial aid refund.

What happens if my books cost less than the voucher amount?

Your student account will only be charged the actual book cost amount. You will receive any unused book voucher amount in your financial aid refund.

Where and when will I get the email from MBS about how to use my voucher?

You will receive an email from MBS Direct 1 to 2 business days after you accept the voucher. The email from MBS will come only to your CMU email account regardless of the account where you received and accepted the offer. This procedure is to ensure that the voucher is used only by the intended party. (You must authenticate your identification to access your CMU email account. It is possible to setup email forwarding from your CMU email to another account.)

What if I need books for a class I registered for after the voucher date ends?

You will need to buy books for the additional class using some other funding method. The voucher is only good until the voucher end date.

If I accept the voucher offer this semester will I automatically receive one in the future?

No. The voucher program starts over each semester. Previous semester vouchers don’t affect the current semester offer. Only students who qualify for a voucher will receive the offer.

Can I forward the offer email to a fellow student so they can also use a voucher?

No. Each voucher is offered to specific students based on a certain set of criteria and is not openly offered to all students. A student who is not offered the voucher will not be allowed to accept an offer that was sent by another student.

What happens if I need to return some or all of the books?

You may return course materials purchased from MBS up to 2 weeks after the first day of class. Complete return instructions appear on the packing slip that comes with each order. A credit for the returned books will be placed on your CMU student account and refunded to you if appropriate in the refund method you have chosen. Allow two to three weeks processing time. Any materials returned after the two week period will be a “buyback” as described on the MBS website.

Why does MBS make reference to SSN in the voucher directions letter?

Central Michigan University has only provided your student ID to MBS. This letter is a form letter used by MBS for all clients using vouchers. Only reference your student ID when contacting MBS.

What happens if the book charge is posted to my account after my financial aid refund occurs?

If this occurs, you will receive a billing statement during the normal calendar of University billing and will be expected to pay the balance on your account on or before the due date for that statement. This is an uncommon occurrence and we will try to alert you if we notice it has happened, however the end result is the same and the book charges will need to be paid