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Book Voucher Program

​​​​ CMU Global Campus is offering certain financial aid recipients the option of using a Missouri Book Store (MBS) book voucher to obtain textbooks for their courses. MBS Direct is our preferred bookstore partner.

What is the program?

  • Global Campus Financial Operations sends out offers to students’ CMU email accounts about book vouchers 3 to 6 weeks before the start of the semester (not each term).
  • If you respond within the designated time frame by accepting the terms and conditions, you will receive a book voucher to order textbooks and automatically apply the charges to your student account to be paid by a subsequent financial aid disbursement.
  • Order textbooks and have them shipped to your home.
  • Voucher amount is $500 for fall and spring semester and $300 for summer.


You must meet a number of criteria by the time eligibility for book vouchers is reviewed by Global Campus personnel:

  • You must have all financial aid documents to the Global Campus financial aid office on a timely basis (FAFSA, verification documents, summer application, etc.).
  • You must be packaged for financial aid for the upcoming semester.
  • You cannot be on Warning or Suspension for Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • You must have remaining financial aid eligibility for the upcoming semester (not be near to or at yo​ur loan limits).
  • You cannot have a balance due on your student account.
  • You must be enrolled at least half time by three weeks before the start of the ​ semester.
For more information on the book voucher program, read our FAQ.​

For questions, send an email to or call 989-774-2681and select option 1.