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Faculty Global IDs

​We all are expected to use Web sites and e-mail to communicate and conduct business. For example, end-of-course surveys, syllabi, contracts, expense reports, registrations, grades, three-year review, the Faculty Resource Center, CMU ProfEd Intranet and Blackboard will, within the coming academic year, only be conducted online.

CMU Global Campus Support

CMU will provide you with time and information to establish your ability to successfully function within this virtual reality. We will provide electronic tutorials, web sites, Help Desk support, and more generalized information about where you can likely access face-to-face help within your own community.

Global ID

If you are approved to teach off-campus for CMU, you already have an account with CMU, called your global ID that once activated, will allow you to send and receive digital information, as well as to interact with CMU websites. You can use your global ID as your Central e-mail address or you can have the mail that comes to you from Central Michigan University be transferred to any other existing e-mail account for greater convenience.

If you have been approved to teach for CMU Global Campus and have not activated your Central Michigan University global ID, call the on-campus Help Desk (989) 774-3662 to do so. If you are already using your Central Michigan University global ID, you are set.

If you use a different e-mail service than the Central Michigan University one, you can continue to do so. But if choose to keep using another system, and do not want to have to access the CMU account and your other personal e-mail account, you can call the Help Desk to set up an automatic forwarding of the CMU mail to any other account you choose.

If you have questions or concerns about the use of your global id or CMU e-mail address, please feel free to give us a call at (989) 774-3662.