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MA in Education Program Learning Objectives

​​​​​Upon completion of the MA in Education program, learners will be able to:

  1. Critically evaluate current issues and trends influencing the field of education.
  2. Identify relevant research, read it critically, and evaluate it appropriately.
  3. Conduct applied research: Formulate a researchable question or identify an organizational problem, design and conduct a study using appropriate methodologies, analyze data and draw reasonable conclusions, offer sound recommendations based on those conclusions.
  4. Design appropriate and effective curricula and instructional strategies that are informed by current theories of learning and pedagogy, including meeting the needs of diverse learners.
  5. Select and effectively utilize technologies for professional development and for enhancing student learning.
  6. Write and speak clearly and coherently using correct grammar and sentence structure; communicate ideas and articulate arguments/positions in ways appropriate to reach the intended audience.
  7. Establish effective professional relationships with a wide range of individuals in their workplace and/or associated with their work.
  8. Critically evaluate current issues and trends in the practices of classroom instruction and curriculum development and apply that knowledge appropriately in the development of curricula and instructional strategies.

Examples of possible evidence:

  • term papers
  • presentations
  • research projects
  • case studies
  • work samples
  • capstone projects
  • alumni surveys
  • classroom assessments​
  • exams

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