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CMU and GoArmyEd

​​​​​​​​​​​​GoArmyEd is the Web-based Army tuition assistance (TA) system. All active and reserve duty Army students using tuition assistance to enroll in CMU courses must use the GoArmyEd system. GoArmyEd can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week at GoArmyEd is part of the Army Continuing Education System (ACES).

When enrolling in CMU courses through GoArmyEd, you will need the following information:

Instructions for CMU students using GoArmyEd

Current Students – students already admitted to CMU and currently using Army TA: 

  1. Click on the link provided to you in an e-mail sent to your AKO account from GoArmyEd.
  2. Enter your SSN.
  3. Follow the instructions to apply for TA for all CMU classes.
  4. Verify that you are enrolled for your class(es) by going to CentralLink on the next business day after registering through GoArmyEd portal. Please do not purchase books until registration is verified on CentralLink.

New Students – students who have not yet applied to CMU and have never used Army TA:

  1. Go to and select the “New Users” tab in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Fill in the general information requested in the common application putting Central Michigan University as your college choice.
  3. Receive your user name and password.
  4. Complete the Prospective User Checklist displayed on your Prospective Student View.
    1. The next business day you will receive a call from a CMU enrollment specialist who will help you apply to CMU. Just filling out the GoArmyEd forms does not admit you to CMU. You must also apply directly to CMU and pay the CMU application fee.
    2. The day after your CMU application has been completed and your application fee paid, you will receive a Pre-Admit Admission status. Pre-Admit Admission will allow you to register for up to six (6) credits – usually two (2) classes at CMU.
    3. To enroll for classes after you have Pre-Admit Admission to CMU:
      1. Use your GoArmyEd user name and password to log into your GoArmyEd home page.
      2. Select the “Request TA and Enroll in a Course” link.
      3. Go to the Integrated Course Schedule to locate CMU courses and enroll.
      4. Apply for TA assistance.

Wallet Card

Download our G​AE Wallet Card.

Degree plan

You will need to make an appointment with a CMU advisor as soon as possible to create your Degree Plan. GoArmyEd requires that you have a Degree Plan on file. You may only take 6 credits until you have a degree plan on file with GoArmyEd.

Grade reports

CMU will enter your grades into the GoArmyEd system. You will be able to view your course grades by going to your personal GoArmyEd home page and clicking on “View My Grades Report.”

Army Tuition Assistance

The Army portal is exclusively the reference point for all enrollment, withdrawal and drop transactions in terms of Army tuition assistance.

Course drops and withdrawals

You must use the GoArmyEd system to drop or withdraw from all CMU courses that are funded by Army TA. You cannot withdraw or drop classes directly with CMU for TA-approved courses registered through GoArmyEd. Select the “Withdraw from a Course(s)” link on your personal GoArmyEd home page. Choose the “Drop Course” link for the selected course. Select “Personal Drop” or “Military Drop.”

Refund Policy

Up to 12.4% of Course Completion 100%
12.501% to 25% of Course Completion 75% 
25.001% to 50% of Course Completion 50%
50.001% and thereafter 0%

Registration Tips:

  • Registration between CMU’s CentralLink and GoArmyEd is not real-time, therefore, please register as soon as possible through GoArmyEd ONLY to secure a seat in your class of choice (CMU Online classes fill very quickly). CMU will process registrations from the GoArmyEd daily registration report received from GoArmyEd (with the exception of the holiday closing period). You may also want to consider verifying your registration on CentralLink before purchasing books; therefore, if class rejections are processed within 72 hours of registration, you will not have made an unnecessary purchase.
  • If you want to receive Tuition Assistance, you must ONLY register through the GoArmyEd portal. The Army policy states “The Army portal is exclusively the reference point for all enrollment, withdrawal and drop transactions in terms of Army TA”. No Exceptions, effective November, 2006.
  •  If you are dropping or withdrawing from a class through beyond the period of 100% refund (when they may be responsible for 25%, 50%, or 100%) due to Military Necessity, please ask provide military documentation to Financial Operations Department immediately at 802 Industrial Drive, Mount Pleasant, MI 48858, or by fax at 989-774-3542.
  • If you cannot find the class you are looking for in the GoArmyEd portal, please contact your CMU Center Program Administrator or you may contact Sara Boykin at 1-800-950-1144 extension 3264 or via e-mail at, to verify the class information; and
  • If you have received notification of a student agreement hold on your Army account, please contact your CMU Academic Advisor at 1-800-950-1144 to develop a CMU approved plan. CMU will upload (FTP) the student agreement (program plan) to the GoArmyEd portal account as soon as an approved agreement is available. However, please keep in mind this process takes 48 hours, and that soldier MUST NOT request the education counselor or program administrator to e-file this agreement to their account. Please also verify that the degree plan in the GoArmyEd portal is exactly as it is on the approved CMU agreement (ex. MSA-GA; MSA-HRA…), this will eliminate errors to the uploading process for CMU. If a change needs to be made to a program plan, it must be made through VIA. Any additional questions can be forwarded to Sulynn Sommers, 1-800-950-1144 extension 3264 or via e-mail at