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Credit by Examination

​​​​​Earn credits toward your M.S. degree In Nutrition and Dietetics if you completed a dietetic internship and haven't received graduate credit for it.

Admitted MS in Nutrition and Dietetics students. If you completed a dietetic internship - learn more! You could save more than $6,000 - that’s up to 30% of the cost of your master’s degree.


M.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics

A student admitted to the M.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics (MS in ND) program with a completed dietetic internship may apply for a maximum of 12 semester hours of Credit by Examination (CBE). In this instance, the CBE is designed for those students who did not earn graduate credit for their internship or those students with earned graduate credit for their internship, but the credit is nontransferable or will be more than seven years old at the time the student graduates from the MS in ND.

CBE may be earned and applied only as follows:

  1. to fulfill the 12 hours of internship credits required on the Plan B—internship option. (Note: In this case, the student would be required to take the FNS 676—Summary (2 credits) exam, the FNS 674—Clinical (5 credits) exam and the FNS 675—Foodservice (5 credits) exam.
  2. to fulfill the 6 hours of electives required on the Plan A—thesis option. (Note: In this case, the student would be required to take the FNS 676—Summary (2 credits) exam, and either the FNS 674—Clinical (5 credits) exam or the FNS 675—Foodservice (5 credits) exam.

Steps To B​e Followed:

  1. The application should be completed by the student. Only the portion of the application above the double-line should be completed. You can access the application here.​
  2. The CBE fee is at a rate of $40 per credit hour or a total of $480 for all 12 credit hours. Checks should be made payable to CMU or applicants may provide credit card information on a separate sheet. When providing credit card information, please include: card type (ex: Visa), account number, expiration date, signature. Documentation of completion of internship should also be included.
  3. The application, payment for the CBE fee, and documents of completion of internship program should be mailed to:

    ​Candace Maylee
    128A Wightman Hall
    Central Michigan University
    Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859
  4. Please allow up to six (6) weeks for processing of the CBE application.
  5. Upon receiving approval to take the examination(s), the student will receive an email to their CMICH account with information on how to access the on-line examination(s). Students are expected to take the ex​am(s) within two weeks of receiving the approval email.
  6. Five credit hours each will be awarded upon successful completion of the clinical exam (FNS 674) and the foodservice exam (FNS 675). Successful completion of the summary exam (FNS 676) will result in earning 2 credit hours.
  7. Each examination will be 100 multiple choice questions. A score of 73% (73 correct answers) or better is required to pass each exam. The exam score will be available upon completion of the exam. In the event a score of 73 is not earned on the first attempt, the student will be allowed to take the exam again. If a score of 73 is not obtained on the second attempt, the student will be required to earn the credits through completion of elective coursework available through the MS in ND program.​
  8. Credits earned through completion of the CBE process will be posted to the student's record within approximately three weeks. CR or NC will be posted on the transcript. A letter grade will not be awarded.
If you have any questions, please co​​​ntact Candace Maylee at or 989-774-2613.