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Planned Experience for Undergraduates

​Get on the fast track to graduation

Plan ahead and earn credit as you learn

The planned experience credit option is a flexible individualized learning experience available to undergraduate students. You can earn between 1 and 30 semester hours of credit for a project you will create with assistance from your academic advisor.

  • Say your company is sending you somewhere to learn about a new manufacturing process. You can work with your faculty advisor to come up with a project that will apply what you learn during your trip.
  • Perhaps you are working toward your Bachelor of Science degree in Community Development and are volunteering with your local city government. If you are contributing to a significant project, why not use what you learn to earn credit?

The complexity and depth of the experience will determine how muc​h credit you can earn.

If you think you have an experience that will develop new skills and combines theory with application, don’t hesitate to talk it over with your advisor. You may be able to earn credit for something you planned to do anyway!

How to get started

The following guidelines will help you determine if the project you have in mind is suitable for a planned experience:

  1. The experience must develop skills not previously acquired by the student.
  2. Planned experience credit will not be granted for work or study in which the student was involved prior to enrolling in the planned experience.
  3. The experience may be graded on a credit/no credit basis at the student’s request and with the faculty reviewer’s approval.
  4. The student may earn no more than 30 semester hours of credit through planned experiences. No more than 15 semester hours of credit may be earned for a single planned experien​ce.

If your project meets these criteria, get in touch with your academic advisor who will help you submit an Application for Planned Experience.

The following course numbers and titles are used to record credit granted for planned experiences:

  • CDE 291 Planned Experience in Community Development (1-15 credits)
  • CDE 491 Planned Experience in Community Development (1-15 credits)
  • CEL 291 Planned Experience in Administration (1-15 credits)
  • CEL 491 Planned Experience in Administration (1-15 credits)