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How do I know if I qualify for Prior Learning credit?

All graduate and undergraduate students admitted to CMU, regardless of location, are eligible to apply for Prior Learning credit. However, a portfolio is evaluated only after transfer credits have been evaluated.

Students should meet with their academic advisor b​efore beginning the portfolio-development process. The advisor may be able to help you identify the experiences that would be most applicable to your degree program if Prior Learning credit is awarded.​

  • Undergraduate credit: You can include experiences from the completion date on your high school diploma.
  • Graduate credit: You can use experiences only from the previous seven years or the completion date of your latest undergraduate degree, whichever is more recent.

​​However, prior learning does ​​not work for everyone, and there is no easy answer as to whether you should spend the time, energy, and money involved in preparing and submitting a portfolio. Individuals have had different experiences, for differing lengths of time, and will explain these experiences in different ways, all of which can affect the amount of credit received. 

Download a short questionnaire​ that might help you decide whether the portfolio approach will help you ​obtain your degree.

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