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What kinds of learning can I get credit for?

Prior Learning credits may be used for required courses in your major or minor, or as elective credits, as determined by your academic advisor. You may also obtain credit for courses you completed at regionally-accredited colleges or universities but that did not transfer to CMU.

However, Prior Learning credits may not be used for​

  • ​University Program courses;
  • Math, Oral Speech, and Writing Competency courses;
  • the residency requirement.

Your academic advisor will assist you in determining how Prior Learning credits may be a​pplied toward your degree.

The Prior Learning Assessment Team (PLAT) can award undergraduate credit at the lower (UNV 297) or upper (UNV 497) levels; graduate credit is awarded only as UNV 697.

See the Prior Learning S​tudent Handbook for more information about the kinds of learning for which you can earn credit.​

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