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If I’m not satisfied with the number or level of credits awarded to me, can I appeal?

​​​Yes. You may request a “re-evaluation.” You may also submit additional material or an entirely new portfolio.

Students are allowed one request for re-evaluation of their original award. However, such re-evaluations should not be needed very often. The Prior Learning Assessment Team (PLAT) assumes that students have thoroughly considered all experiences, explained the learning effectively, and completed the portfolio carefully according to specifications and directions. In turn, Team members carefully apply CMU’s guidelines in awarding Prior Learning credits. 

However, if, after reviewing your award and discussing it with your advisor, you feel that the awards should be different in the competency titles given, in the level of credits awarded, or in the amount of credit, you may request a re-evaluation.  

See the Prior Learning Student​ Handbook​ for more information about re-evaluations and resubmissions.​​

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