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How will Prior Learning credits be applied toward my degree, and how much will they cost?

​​​​After you receive your Prior Learning award-notification letter, you need to meet with your academic advisor. Your advisor will determine whether and how the awarded credits may be used in your degree program, based on the following policies:

  • ​You may complete and submit a portfolio at any time (after becoming a CMU student and meeting with your advisor). However, you must have completed 5 semester hours of CMU course work before Prior Learning credit can be recorded on your transcript.
  • You will pay only for the credits you actually use for your degree (i.e., credits posted to your CMU transcript), whether these are all or only some of the credits awarded.
  • You have one year fr​om the date of the award-notification letter to pay for and transcript your Prior Learning credits. Credits not paid for and posted to your transcript within one year are lost; however, you can start the process over by submitting a new portfolio .

You will also be informed of the cost to apply all the credits, although you will be charged only for the credits you actually want to include on your transcript: $100/undergraduate credit hour or $115/graduate credit hour. Your advisor will work wit​​h you to decide which and how many credits you can use. (New rates effective August 10, 2020.)

​See the Prior Le​arning Student Handbook for more information about how Prior Learning credits are applied.

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