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How will my Prior Learning portfolio be evaluated, and how long will it take?

​​​​​Members of the Prior Learning Assessment Team (PLAT) will evaluate your learning based on the content and quality your self-assessment in the portfolio, not on its applicability to a specific degree program. Each portfolio is evaluated independently by three PLAT members, who are graduate faculty at CMU.

Evaluators use the “Portfolio Checklist” (which students are required to include at the end of the portfolio). In general, though, they do the following:

  1. ​They first look at the duration of each experience, because the length of the experience determines the maximum number of potential credits for the experience.
  2. Evaluators then look at the supporting documentation for each experience submitted. If any documentation is missing, incorrect, inconsistent, or in some other way problematic, evaluators will not review further that section of the portfolio.
  3. Evaluators then decide whether the self-assessment(s) for each experience demonstrates college-level learning.
  4. Evaluators also consider the quality of your writing. If they have to work too hard to figure out what you mean, they will be less likely to grant credit.

​Evaluation takes about 8-10 weeks from the date the portfolio is received by the Prior Learning Assessment Office. However, if evaluators must postpone reviewing or return ​a portfolio because it is missing components or information or has inconsistent or conflicting information, then the review process will take longer.

​See the Prior Learning Student Handbook​ for more information about how portfolios are evaluated.

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