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Guest Students & Non-Degree Seeking Students

​​Guest Students

Whether you plan on joining us for one course or several, guest students are always welcome at CMU. A guest student is a student currently attending another college or university who wishes to join CMU for a limited number of classes in order to transfer this coursework back to their “home” institution.

Non-Degree Se​eking Students

If you are interested in taking a course at CMU’s Global Campus and are not currently enrolled in another school (you don’t want your completed coursework to be transferred to another institution) you are considered a Non-Degree Seeking student.

NOTE: Undergraduate students may take up to 12 credit hours at CMU as a guest or non-degree seeking student. Graduate students may take up to 6 credit hours as a guest or non-degree seeking student.​ Guest students are prohibited from enrolling in online MBA courses.

The following steps to enrolling apply to both guest and non-degree seeking students.

Getting started with CMU is simple by​ following these steps:

  1. Review CMU's Global Campus course offerings to ensure the course you want is offered and when it is available. Once you find the course, guest students should determine whether or not their “home” institution will accept transfer credit for this course. If you are a student pursuing coursework at a college or university in Michigan, the Michigan Transfer Network is helpful to determine how courses will transfer. Your “home” institution will also be able to tell you if the credits will transfer.

  2. Submit an admissions application. Select the Global Campus Center where the course you wish to take is being offered or choose “CMU Online” for online courses. For guest students: The degree program you select should either be Undergraduate – Guest (if the course you wish to take is at the undergrad level) or Graduate – Guest (if the course is at the graduate level). For non-degree students: The degree program you select should either be Undeclared Undergraduate (if the course you wish to take is at the undergrad level) or Undeclared Graduate (if the course is at the graduate level).

  3. You do NOT need to provide CMU with official transcripts in order to be admitted. You may need to provide an unofficial transcript if the course you wish to take has a pre-requisite requirement in order to show that you have met this pre-requisite. If you are an international student, you will need to provide an official transcript from all previous and current schools.

  4. Once an admission status has been given to you, your next step is to set up your CMU Glo​bal ID. It is important to activate this as soon as possible as your Global ID and password grants you access to many CMU systems such as CentralLink (student portal), your CMU email account, Blackboard, etc.

  5. Complete the online Undergraduate Orientation or Graduate Orientation to ensure that you are familiar with the processes and policies that will govern your coursework with CMU.

  6. Determine when registration begins for the course you wish to enroll in by reviewing CMU’s Registration Dates. You may register for classes through the Course Search and Registration System using these Registration Instructions. Please ensure you allow enough time to complete both the admissions and registration processes. A minimum of 3-5 business days is needed for admission. Registration always ends 5 days prior to the start of class. Seats in courses are limited so don’t delay!

  7. Should you encounter difficulties in registering for classes, contact a Registration Clerk at 800‑664‑2681, option #1.

  8. Once you are enrolled, familiarize yourself with the Current Student Resources that are available. If you are enrolled in an online class, you should also review the:

  9. Prepare for the start of your class by reviewing the course syllabus and ordering your textbooks. Textbooks can be purchased from either of our book vendors – MBS Direct or the CMU Bookstore. If you are in an online course, log into your class through Blackboard as soon as it becomes available to familiarize yourself with the course layout and content.

  10. If you later decide you no longer wish to take this class with CMU, you can remove yourself from class through the Course Search and Registration System in accordance with the Drop and Withdrawal Policy and the allotted Time Frame for Dropping/Withdrawing from a Course.

  11. Guest and non-degree seeking students do not qualify for federal financial aid with CMU. An interest-free Payment Plan​ option is available.

  12. Upon completion of your CMU course, you will need to Request a CMU Transcript be sent to your “home” school.

Best wishes for success in your CMU course. Should you have any questions along the way, contact CMU’s New Student Services at 877.268.4636.