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CEU/SCECHs for Teachers

​​​​​​​​​​Continuin​g Education Units and State Continuing Education Clock Hours

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Central Michigan University is a sponsor of the Continuing Education Unit (CEU), as well as the State Continuing Education Clock Hours (S​CECHs).

CEUs and SCECHs are a way to measure and record a permanent record of training and education experiences for individuals.

A CEU unit is equal to ten (10) contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience. For example, .5 CEUs are earned by participating in five (5) contact hours of an organized continuing education experience. The experience must be sponsored by a reliable provider and delivered under qualified instruction.

SCECHs are State approved in-service, workshop, training, or conference credits that are used for t​he renewal of selected certificates issued by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). SCECHs are the total number of instructional hours in a program. For example, five (5) hours of training equals five (5) SCECHs.

Programs are to be high-quality professional learning opportunities resulting in engaged learners. Programs should provide methods for engaging learners and demonstrating educator participation.

All continuing education experiences must be approved for CEUs or SCECHs prior to the experience. If you are applying to offer SCECHs, please send the application to CMU 40-45 days prior to the program start date in order to meet the Michigan Department of Education's 30 days submission deadline. This timeframe does not apply to CEU requests.

​​Please review th​​e following information prior to completing the application:​