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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I request a transcript that shows I have earned credit?

Upon the university's receipt of a final grade from PBS, an official transcript is available via request . The time frame for receiving grades varies depending on the facilitator, but averages 10-14 days after the course end date. After CMU receives your grade from PBS, you will receive an e-mail from Central Michigan University (CMU) stating your grade has been posted.

If you have a deadline to meet, please contact CMU in advance to discuss your particular situation and your options.

How will my graduate credit be reflected on my transcript?

Graduate credit for PBS courses is reflected on an official CMU transcript as an EDU 508 course, which is the graduate designator for "Special Topics in Education." Each course has a distinct two letter designator and the transcript will display the specific title of your course.

For example:

PBS Course is INST 120.199 – Digital Planning for Differing Learning Styles

CMU Course is EDU 508XX – Digital Planning for Differing Learning Styles

Please note: The individual who facilitated your specific PBS TeacherLine course will not be the individual listed as the instructor on your CMU transcript. PBS designates one individual to serve as the “Instructor of Record” for all PBS TeacherLine courses that has the responsibility of confirming that you have completed the course and verifying your grade.

Do I have to apply to CMU in order to earn graduate credit for my PBS course?

Yes, you must be currently admitted to CMU to register for a course. You will need to complete an application if you have never taken graduate-level classes from CMU or you have not taken a CMU graduate course in the last three years. The application fee is $50 and is non-refundable. The application fee is waived if you have already taken courses from CMU, or received a degree from CMU.

I have Dropped/Withdrawn from my PBS course:

(1) Do I have to notify CMU?

 Yes. Please notify CMU immediately in writing of any PBS course drop/withdrawal. Submit notification via e-mail to E-mail confirmation will be sent to you once your request is fully processed. Notifications should include the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Dropped Course Info: PBS Course Number and Title
  • Mailing Address (used during registration)
  • Daytime Phone number

(2) Will I receive a refund for the graduate credit fee?

Yes. A refund of tuition paid to CMU for graduate credit will be issued.

(3) Can I drop my request for CMU graduate credit and receive a refund after the course ends?

Unfortunately that is not an option as an official record of your enrollment in the course will have been established and neither institutional or accreditation policies allow for record altering after a course ends.

What can the credit earned for the PBS Teacherline courses be used for?

Depending on your state's requirements, you may be able to use CMU credit for professional development programs to meet certificate renewal or state continuing education requirements. Since acceptance varies by state, you should contact your state's Department of Education to verify the course will count toward licensure/certificate renewal before enrolling for credit.

If you are pursuing an advanced degree, consult first with your academic advisor at your university to verify the course will apply to your program.

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