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CMU and T³™ Professional Development Online Courses in Math

​​​ Choose from three, three (3) credit hour courses that offer in-depth study of technology in the classroom to teachers of Geometry, Algebra, and Calculus:   

These eight week, instructor-led courses are delivered using CMU's learning management system, Blackboard.

Graduate Credits Available: Three (3) semester hours

Cost: $1425 CMU Tuition + $50 Admission Fee (if applicable)

Pre-requisites: None

Meet the Online Instructors

Click here to view the current Course Offering Schedule

Benefits to You

  • Earn 3 semester hours of graduate credit from a regionally accredited university 
  • Enriches your classroom experience through the power of visualization
  • Provides quality professional development that enables you to be successful in the classroom through the use of technology
  • Increases student achievement through the use of handhelds and related technology
  • Learn ways to assist students to develop critical thinking and analytical skills

T3™ Online Course Registration

Step 1. Contact CMU to Indicate Interest in Upcoming Session
After looking at the course offering schedule, if there is an upcoming section you are interested in enrolling in, please contact CMU at or by calling (800) 950-1144, ext. 3718 or (989) 774-3718 prior to the registration deadline. These courses require a minimum of two (2) students to run. CMU staff will be able to let you know the number of enrollments for the course.

Step 2. Register and Pay Tuition for Graduate Credit with CMU
Click the "Register for Credit" button below to submit your registration form to hold your spot for the class. You will be required to submit your payment for tuition at this time. Registration and tuition payments will not be processed until it has been confirmed that the course will run.

Note: Admission to CMU
When your registration is received, you will be e-mailed a Non-Degree Graduate Application. All students must be admitted to CMU to enroll in the class. There is a $50 admission fee unless you are a former Central Michigan University student. If it has been several years since you were admitted to CMU's College of Graduate Studies and you have not taken a class within the last three years, you must complete the application to update your file. There is no charge to you for this reinstatement process.

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