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Registration Instructions

An active admission status is required to register for classes with CMU. You must also have a CMU Global ID and Password as both are required to gain access to the CentralLink.

To register

  • Go to CMU's Course Search & Registration​ tool.
  • Select semester enrolling in
  • Search for a course based on subject and/or keywords (ie: Accounting, ACC 203, instructor name, course title, etc)
  • Select additional filters in the right corner by location, day of the week, start/end dates, etc.
  • Click the “Search” button, once the semester has been identified along with any additional filters.
Important note: Before registering in a class, confirm the course meeting dates by clicking the "INFO" button located by each course listing (see below).


Additional course search and registration features

  • Course information, including textbooks and the syllabus, can be viewed under ‘INFO’ on the right-hand side of the course(s) listed.
  • A course can be added to a schedule as a planned course or a student may elect to register for the course by clicking in one of the left side boxes (blue = planned; green = register).
  • Clicking on the right-hand vertical tab “My Schedule Builder” provides a list of courses that a student plans to take at a future time along with courses the student has registered for in the current term/semester.


Should a desired course be full with no seats available, and the course is available for wait listing, you will see the following and should click on the +WL key if you want to be on the wait list.


When selecting to be put on the wait list for a section, it will process the request and either prompt you for reasons that it could not wait list you or succeed with the following confirmation.

If you still wish to be put on the wait list, enter your best contact phone number and click on the YES button. If you do not want to be put on the wait list, click on the CANCEL button.




The course will appear then on your "My Course Week" as follows: 

Note: The gray "Other" bar is where Online classes are shown since there are no fixed times/days set for online courses.

View more detailed instructions on the Wait List feature

Cohort Students

Students that are pursuing a degree as part of a cohort, are often automatically registered for upcoming courses by the Program Administrator that is managing the cohort program. To determine if this is the case, please contact the CM​U center or CM​U Online.

Military Personnel

Specific registration processes are determined based on military branch.

  • Air Force: Courses are registered through CentralLink. Check with the Air Force education officer for specific directions to utilize tuition assistance.
  • Army:GoArmyEd is a web-based Army tuition assistance (TA) system. All active and reserve duty Army students using tuition assistance, must enroll in CMU courses though the GoArmyEd portal. To register:
    • Active/Reserve Duty Army students new to CMU must also complete an application through the GoArmyEd portal along with their application for admission to CMU. The application to the Army provides them with the request for tuition assistance funding.
    • The GoArmyEd portal is not real time; therefore GoArmyEd registrations are received to CMU the next business day and processed within 72 hours.
    • Students can verify their registration through CentralLink before purchasing books.
    • CMU will contact the student should any issues occur in processing the registration.
  • Coast Guard: Courses are registered through CentralLink. Check with the Coast Guard education officer for specific directions to utilize tuition assistance.
  • Marine: Courses are registered through CentralLink. Check with the Marine education officer for specific directions to utilize tuition assistance.
  • National Guard: Courses are registered through CentralLink. Check with the National Guard education officer for specific directions to utilize tuition assistance.
  • Navy: Courses are registered through CentralLink. Check with the Navy education officer for specific directions to utilize tuition assistance.

Late Registration

Late registration is offered prior to a term beginning. Waiting to register until late registration may mean that course(s) have filled and are no longer available. Students are not allowed to enroll in classes after the class has started.

Registration Errors

Registration Error Messages are displayed on the registration system when an issue occurs. Explanations of the types of messages received are below:

Common problems during registration Definition of the problem Contact # or e-mail
Priority Registration Students are allowed to register, by priority, based on the number of earned credits with CMU. This error message occurs when a student attempts to register without the required number of credit hours being met. 989-774-3261
Conditional Admission Status Students with a Conditional Admission to CMU will have the number of credits allowed to be registered for limited until the conditions of the admission have been met. Students with a Conditional Admission status cannot register themselves for classes and must be assisted by a CMU Staff member.989-774-3261
Registration - Re-registration/Check the Period The semester a student is attempting to enroll in differs from the semester CMU originally admitted the student to, which blocks the registration. Students who receive this error message must contact a Registration Operator for assistance.989-774-3261
Prerequisite or Competency Not Met The course you are attempting to enroll in requires a prerequisite or competency to be met. Without the prerequisite or competency being satisfied, the registration for the course will be blocked. If a student feels they have met the prerequisite or competency requirement, an academic advisor will need to review the student's record and, if satisfied, code the student's record to reflect this. Contact Academic Advisor OR 989-774-3261
Academic Probation An academic hold exists on the student's account due to academic probation. This is usually due to low GPA or other program requirements not being met. An academic advisor or grade administrator can determine the courses that can be taken. Contact Academic Advisor OR 989-774-3261
Financial Holds A financial hold exists on the student's account, which blocks registration. Student accounts must be paid in full prior to registration for the next term. To arrange for payment options or speak to an Account Specialist regarding the charges, call SASUB. 989-774-3618
Time Conflict This error message occurs when there is a conflict between classes in the student's schedule. Course schedule should be reviewed to verify the conflict and perform a new course search for the classes involved to resolve the conflict. 989-774-3261
Class is Full If a class shows as "section closed," the course already has the maximum number of students allowed to be enrolled. A course search can help to identify another section of the same course, which may have available seats, or a student can request to be added to the Wait List for the desired course section. 989-774-3261

Should difficulties be encountered in registering:

Call the Registrar at 989-774-3261.