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MBS Direct

MBS Direct is CMU Global Campus' preferred bookstore partner. CMU only provides book information and ISBN’s to MBS.

Ordering your books from MBS Direct will assure:

  • the correct book is being purchased for your class
  • timely delivery of your books
  • that if unexpected changes occur with your course or the books, CMU can keep you informed and assist you with the return of any books purchased and received
  • buyback value at time of purchase through Guaranteed Buyback program on top-selling book titles

It is important to be prepared for class by having course books and materials in-hand prior to the start of class. As CMU courses are offered on accelerated terms, it is essential to have course materials and books before class begins.

Some students will be eligible for a book voucher to be charged to their federal student aid. Refer to information on our Book Voucher Program​. If not eligible for a book voucher be prepared to pay for books out-of-pocket and be reimbursed by an applicable financial aid refund.

When ordering through MBS Direct, the following information is required:

  • university attending
  • site (location of class) or program
  • complete course information including EPN and course name

Three Ways to Order from MBS Direct:​

  • By Internet:
    • Ordering online is the fastest and easiest method of acquiring your textbooks. Save 20% on express UPS (next day or 2nd day).
    • Some texts are available as e-books. E-books are indicated by "eContent Download". Both the actual text and the e-book are listed to provide students with a choice of which format they prefer.
    • Visit the MBS bookstore's web site at
  • By Phone:
    • Call 800-325-3252 to place an order or for shipping rates.
  • Fax or Mail:
    • Complete the Order Form and fax it to 800-499-0143.

International Shipping

UPS is the preferred carrier for International shipments. All DHL Global Mail and UPS International shipments can be tracked and are guaranteed.

Please Note: Customs duties, taxes, and/or other fees may be additional.

Students ordering course materials to be shipped internationally should call:

  • International Phone: 573-44-9179
  • International Fax: 573-44-5254