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Academic Policies and Procedures


Student E-mail Policy

All students will be assigned a University email address and will be expected to read their email daily so they are kept informed of current ​University events, dates for submitting materials, etc. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of and to read all University correspondences sent to the student’s University email address by CMU faculty and administration. View the student e-mail account policy.

Other policies

Most policies and procedures are outlined in the CMU Global Campus Bulletin, including: grading systems and policies, incom​plete and deferred grades, academic dishonesty, withdrawal, grade grievance policy, class attendance and standards of satisfactory academic progress. See the CMU Global Campus bulletin Academic Policies & Procedures for a complete list.

The CMU Standard Practice Guide contains the Drug​-Free Schools and Communities Act, Amendments of 1989 which also applies to all Global Campus students, faculty and staff. Expectations for Students Academic Integrity Policy