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Submission Guidelines: CMU's Writing Center

​​​​Please read the following carefully before submitting your paper to the Writing Center:

  • Available only fo​r students and assignments in CMU Global Campus classes or ENG 101.
  • One submission at a time.
  • Submissions returned within two days.
  • Submissions are reviewed in the o​rder submitted, first-in/first-out.  Please plan ahead:  allow time to get the paper back and make the necessary changes before your due date.
  • 50-minute session per submission (NOTE: A 50-minute review generally covers 8 to 10 pages. For longer papers, consultants may devote up to two sessions, but only if the demand is low and time is available.)
  • Maximum document size is 2.3 mb.

How to submit your paper to CMU’s Writing Center:

  1. Save your writing as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or  .docx; Rich Text .rtf or Text .txt file will also work if necessary). Documents can only be reviewed if they are saved in one of these file types, no others.
  2. Go to the online form and log in with your CMU ID and Password.
  3. Fill out the form completely, attach your document by clicking on the “Browse” button, and then click “Submit.” NOTE: You must complete the online form for each submission.
  4. Papers are returned as an attached Word document. The comments should appear in the right margin. (If not visible, for Word 2007, go to the “View” tab, and click on “Print Layout”. Next, go to the “Review” tab, click on drop-down menu “Final Showing Markup” and check “Comments”. For earlier versions of Word, go to the “View” tab and place a check on “Markup” or “Comments.”)

Tips for revising:

  • Read your paper aloud, with the suggested comments i​n mind. Hearing the words substantially increases the likelihood of catching problem areas.
  • Apply the suggestions and revise your entire paper before resubmitting to the Writing Center. This will help you become more aware of your own patterns, establish your writing habits, and edit your own writing in the future. Revising as much as possible will also speed up your completion time, as the consultant will be able to focus on other aspects of your writing when you resubmit the paper.
  • Check the Writing Center website for additi​onal resources, including a "Quick Guide for APA".

Online Submis​​sion Form


Feel free to e-mail the CMU Writing Center at

Pave your path to successful writing with help from the CMU Writing Center!