Capitol Scholars

Central Michigan University's College of Science and Engineering, the Honors Program, and the Government and External Relations office are proud to present this annual event, highlighting the research projects of some of our outstanding undergraduate students.

Central Michigan University has a long tradition of providing opportunities for undergraduate students to work directly with faculty on cutting-edge research projects, gaining new insights into their chosen discipline and invaluable experience for their future careers. The annual event provides a venue to showcase some of these research projects to the public and recognize the contributions made by our students in advancing the understanding of science and technology across a wide range of disciplines.

"It is inspiring to witness the transformation and engagement of CMU students as they develop leadership, critical thinking ability and a global perspective through applied research and creative activities to shape our future."

George E. Ross, Ph.D., President, Central Michigan University

"This Capitol exhibition provides top CMU students with an opportunity to demonstrate that they are not simply learning the facts of the past - they are scholars preparing the create the knowledge of the future."

Phame Camarena, Ph.D., Director, University Honors Program


2018 Capitol Scholar Participants with Former President George Ross