State Appropriations

​​​​​State Appropriations

The major piece of legislation that concerns CMU is the annual higher education appropriations bill. This funding bill typically is introduced each winter following the Governor's executive budget recommendations to the Legislature. Following deliberations by the Legislature, a final bill will be sent to the Governor for signature into law. Although the funding provided by this bill represents less than 20% of CMU's total revenue (compared to a full 60% just 20 years ago), it remains a vitally important component of CMU's operating budget.

​View Public Act 62 of 2011, the Higher Education Appropriations for 2011-12

Capital Outlay

Along with the university's annual appropriations from the state, CMU is interested in funding capital outlay projects on campus. This bill is not introduced every year.

The Capital Outlay Subcommittee is a joint committee of Senate and House members. When there is agreement on a capital outlay bill, it is reviewed by Senate and House Appropriations Committees and sent to both chambers for action. If a bill is approved by the Legislature, it is sent to the Governor to be signed into law.