State Funding Advocacy

Central Michigan University invites you to use any or all the following points when contacting your state Legislators:

  • CMU is the fourth largest university in Michigan and the third most popular, based on the number of applications for admission received annually.
  • 97% of CMU undergraduate students are from Michigan.
  • CMU enrolls students from every county in Michigan.
  • After graduation, 80% of CMU alumni stay in Michigan to live, lead, and contribute to the economy.
  • Each year, CMU graduates add $2 billion more to economy than they would have without a college degree.
  • Despite being the fourth largest public four-year university in Michigan, CMU receives one of the lowest amounts of funding per student among the 15 public four-year institutions.
  • CMU receives $7.2 million less in state appropriations than it did just seven years ago.
  • Twenty years ago, 60% of CMU’s funding came from state appropriations; today, 22% of CMU's general fund revenue comes from the state.

For a list of the members of the 2009–2010 Senate and House Subcommittees on Higher Education Appropriations and the Capital Outlay Subcommittee, please click here. ​​​​​