Adjusting Workflow

​It is now possible to adjust your approval workflows in CMU’s enhanced websites.  By adjusting the workflow, you can reduce the number of approval steps required before a page is published and visible to the audience specified in the site’s security settings.

NOTE: Because adjusting workflows incorrectly can break the ability to approve pages in your site, this capability is restricted to only a subset of editors in CMU’s websites.  

Accessing the workflows page

You can find your current workflow options within the pages library.  Note that these are specific to each library in each site, so it will be necessary to verify this information in each of your sub-sites.
  1. Log in to CentralLink and navigate to your site.
  2. Click the gear icon and choose Lists and Libraries​.
  3. Click Pages under the Document Libraries section
  4. In the Ribbon, under the Library Tools > Library tab, click Workflow Settings.
  5. The Workflow Settings page will now display

Changing an existing workflow

  1. ​Access the Workflow Settings page by following the steps in the first section.
  2. Click the link for your approval workflow.  In most cases, this should be named  CMU Web External Content Approval.
  3. Click the Next button at the bottom​.
  4. On the second page, you will find the current approver groups in sequential order under the Assign To field.  To remove an approver group, simply delete it from this location and click save.  To add a new approver group, type it in directly or use the directory lookup button to the right of the field.

Removing approval workflow

It is possible to remove approval workflows entirely from your site.  However, it is very important to understand that your pages will then need to be approved manually within the Pages library.  They will still require approval, but people who edit many pages may find this option easier.
  1. ​Access the Workflow Settings page by following the steps in the first section.
  2. Click Remove a workflow
  3. Choose either No New Instances or Remove and click OK.  If you’re not certain that you wish to remove the workflow permanently, be sure to choose No New Instances.  This will prevent the workflow from triggering for as long as this option is select.
  4. To reinstate a workflow set to No New Instances, simply return to the Remove Workflows page and change it back to Allow.
  5. To approve a page manually, visit your Pages library, then expand the dropdown menu for the page that requires approval.  Click Approve/Reject to bring up the approval menu.