Using iFrames

​​​​​​​​​​ To make the below iFrame​ appear: 
  • Add the Content Editor web part
  • Place your cursor in the content area of the web part
  • Click "Edit Source" in the Ribbon
  • Paste the following html in the dialog box that appears:
<iframe src="" width="600" height=500"></iframe>

<p>Some older browsers don't support iFrames.</p>
<p>If they don't, the iFrame will not be visible.</p>

  • Replace "" with the URL of the site you want to appear
  • If the source content has an https address then https should be used over http.  Some browsers will not display content from an http source if the host site is delivered over https like
  • You can also adjust the size of the frame by adjusting the height and width in the html, but the center column of the cmich websites are about 600.  If you go beyond that size, part of your frame may be hidden from view.
  • Click "OK" of the dialog box

Some older browsers don't support iFrames.

If they don't, the iFrame will not be visible.​​

  • ​​By editing the web part (drop down arrow near the upper right hand corner of the web part) and in the "Appearance" section changing the Chrome type to ​"None" then clicking "OK" the frame of the Content Editor will not be seen