CentralLink's top bar- My Favorites, Notifications, and more

​​Once logged in to CentralLink, you’ll notice that a new bar has appeared at the top of every page of CMU’s websites.  This bar contains additional information and access to things thatare directly relevant to you, a member of the CMU community.  This is where you’ll find your Favorites icons; direct links to your email account, Blackboard, and My Account page; and important announcements.

My Favorites

CMU’s evolved websites still contain the popular My Favorites feature, but it now comes with some enhancementsand once you’re logged in, it will follow you through every page in CMU’s websites.

You can find your Favorites icons in the top bar displayed on CMU web pages when you have logged in to CentralLink.  Your top five Favorites are displayed directly on the bar, while your remaining Favorites can be located by clicking the Favorites “Star” icon to display the drop-down menu.

Adding and removing Favorites

Adding and removing Favorites from your list is as simple as accessing the Edit My Favorites window and choosing the “star” icon next to each favorite.
  1. Click the star dropdown to display your full list of favorites, and select the bottom choice: Edit My Favorites.

  2. The Edit My Favorites window will display.

  3. To add a new Favorite, simply click the star icon to the left of the desired Favorite.

  4. This Favorite will then be placed at the bottom of the list in the Selected Favorites section.

  5. To remove an existing Favorite, simply locate it in the Selected Favorites section and click the star icon again to remove it.

  6. Be sure to click the "Save Changes"  button at the bottom right when you are finished!

Adding Custom Favorites

Not only do you have access to a number of predefined Favorites, but you can also add your own “Custom Favorites” to your list to provide quick access to anywhere that you’d like.

  1. ​Click the star dropdown to display your full list of favorites, and select the bottom choice: Edit My Favorites.

  2. The Edit My Favorites window will display.

  3. To add a Custom Favorite, scroll down to the Add Favorites section and click the Add Custom Favorite button at the top of the section.

  4. The entry will expand into two text fields.  

  5. Provide a display title and web address for your Custom Favorite, and click the Add button.

    Your new Custom Favorite will now be added to the Selected Favorites section.
  6. Be sure to click the "Save Changes"  button at the bottom right when you are finished!

Reordering your Favorites list

Because your top five Favorites will always display in CentralLink’s top bar, you’ll probably want to reorder them so that your most commonly accessed Favorites are listed at the top.  Doing so is a simple process through the Edit My Favorites window.

  1. Click the star dropdown to display your full list of favorites, and select the bottom choice: Edit My Favorites.

  2. The Edit My Favorites window will display. 
  3. Use the up and down arrows to move your Favorites up and down in the list as desired.

  4. Be sure to click the "Save Changes"  button at the bottom right when you are finished!

  5. Your top five Favorites will now be displayed in CentralLink’s top bar.  These favorites will be displayed on every page that you visit in CMU’s websites for as long as you remain logged in.​


CMU’s evolved websites contain a new notifications feature that you can find in the top bar, and they will accompany you to every page in CMU’s websites for as long as you remain logged in.  These notifications will show you when something needs your attention, whether it’s an account-related announcement or university 

Take note of the number next to the notifications icon, as it’s a quick way to tell how many new notifications you have.  To view the list of notifications, simply click the icon.

To view full notification text, click on it to view it in the Notification Center.  You can also find other recent notifications, including dismissed notifications, by clicking the VIEW ALL option at the bottom.

Some notifications are dismissible.  To dismiss a notification from your list, simply click the “x” icon to the right of the notification.  Remember that you can always find dismissed notifications in the Notification Center for as ​long as they remain available.