Silverlight Requirements

Microsoft Silverlight is a browser based plug-in powered by the .NET framework. It is the basic foundation that the Course Search/Registration System is built on—without Silverlight this system cannot be used.  The Silverlight plug-in is what enables the Course Search/Registration interface that you interact with to register/drop/withdraw from courses. Silverlight works similar to the way other media rich browser plug-ins work. Just as you would need an Adobe Flash plug-in to display Adobe Flash web content, you need Silverlight in order to run Silverlight enabled content.


You will need a compatible operating system and web browser in order to utilize Silverlight.  All modern Windows Operating systems from Windows XP SP3 to the latest Windows 8.1 support Silverlight, with the exception of Windows RT.  See the full list

If you have a Mac, you will want to make sure it is Intel based and has OS 10.5.7 Leopard or newer. If your Mac is 2006 or newer, you should be compatible.

Next, verify you have a compatible browser installed. Compare your browser version to the ones listed below.


Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Safari

Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 11

Firefox 12 +Chrome 12 +Safari 4 +


In the next steps you will download the Silverlight Plug-in and install it.  Follow the section that pertains to your operating system. If you are on a public computer or lab, you may not have administrative access to do the installation.

If that is the case you will need to contact the system administrator of the system to have them do the installation.

​Windows Installation

1.  Download the Silverlight installer from Microsoft

2. When the download is complete, click the installer to begin installation

3. Click Run and follow the on-screen instructions to install


4.  Close and restart your browser.

Windows User Account Control might appear and ask fopermission to install. Iyou don'thavadministrator privileges on thecomputer, contact your system administrator to finish installation.

Mac Installation​

1.  Download the Silverlight installer from Microsoft

2.  When the download is complete, click the installer to begin installation

3.  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete installation

​4.  Finish and restart your machine.


​Students unable to install Silverlight will not be able t​o use the Course Search/Registration system and therefore will need to use the Course Registration (OLD SYSTEM) to enroll in courses.​​