Page Redirect Tutorial

​​​​​The page redirector will redirect people who are non-admins/content directors.  To add one to your web page, you will need to be in edit mode, and then click the Add Web Part button at the top of the content area of the page.

After you click it you will be presented with the following menu

Page Redirect Step 1

Select Cmich from the Categories area, and then Page Redirect from the Parts area​.  Click the add button to add the web part to the page.

You will now see the web part at the top of the content area of the page


If you click the down-arrow you will see the above menu, click Edit Web Part to bring up the web part settings box on the right side of the screen

Click the Plus sign next to the Miscellaneous and you will see this menu


This web part is very simple, it will send users that are not admins/content creators to the url specified in the Redirection URL box.