Ultimate Scroller Instructions

  1. ​​​​​​​​Click the "Add a Web Part" buttons on one of the on-page zones. You can also navigate to the "Insert" tab at the top (when in edit mode) and select​ "Web Part"
  2. The Ultimate Scroller W​eb Part is under the "CMich" category. Select it and then hit "Add."
    <img src=”myImage” alt=”Ultimate Scroller Step 2”>
  3. Under the "Page" tab in the ribbon at the top, hit "Check In" to continue configuring this Web Part.
    <img src=”myImage” alt=”Ultimate Scroller Step 3”>
  4. ​In the zone where you added the Web Part, click the blue button titled "Scroller Settings."
    <img src=”myImage” alt=”Ultimate Scroller Step 4.0”>
    • ​​This will open up a set-up wizard. The page that is displayed at the beginning is the introductory page.
      <img src=”myImage” alt=”Ultimate Scroller Step 4.1”>
    • Page 1 will be where you select to do either a "Simple" or "Complex" scroller (the differences are explained in the wizard). This example uses a "Simple Scroller."
      <img src=”myImage” alt=”Ultimate Scroller Step 4.2”>
    • After you make your selection, Page 2 will be where you will do the majority of the configuration. ​
      Under "Title," give your Scroller a name (ONLY  if you want a title). The title will display directly above the Web Part and is visible to everyone who visits the page.
      Set up the "Auto slide interval," and the dimensions.​ Scroll over the question marks at the right of each configurable item to get help/a hint on what each item affects.
      <img src=”myImage” alt=”Ultimate Scroller Step 4.3.1”>Scrolling down, still on Page 2, under "Simple Scroller Options," you will select or create a "Picture Library." This is basically just a selection or creation of a folder/directory with all the images you wish to be displayed in. If you do not have a folder, select the add icon.
      Under the "Picture Library View," select whichever is appropriate. The example on this page uses "All pictures"<img src=”myImage” alt=”Ultimate Scroller Step 4.3.2”>
    • Move on to Page 3. Select the theme you find most appropriate. This example uses "CMich Square."
    • ​​​On the "Finish" page, review all of the items and click "Save and Finish." Once you have finished in the wizard, you will be redirected to the page with the Web Part on it. Unless you already have images in a pre-existing folder/gallery, nothing will have shown up (yet).​​​​
  5. Click the "Edit Scenes" button (in the Web Part zone).
    <img src=”myImage” alt=”Ultimate Scroller Step 5”>
    • ​You will automatically be redirected the ​SharePoint Site Contents view in the Image Library that you designated to this scroller in step 4. Click "+ new document" or drag a selection images onto the page.
    • Exit out of this page and return to the page with the Web Part. It should now​ be displaying your images in the manner you configured.​